BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC recognizes the importance of implementing a privacy policy which protects the interests of our corporate clients. The aim of this statement is to communicate how information about our clients are gathered and utilized within our website. It also outlines the security measures we have in place to prevent unauthorized access and distribution of your personal data.


Collecting Personal Information Privacy Statement


BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC collects personal information to personalize your experience with our site. The more we know about you, the more we can present you with services that are relevant to you. The property details you upload, along with the personal data stored in you personal “cookie”, (see below) will be used to make online ordering faster and more convenient by helping us understand your ordering requirements and navigation patterns.


The amount of information we collect about you depends upon the extent to which you utilize the services available on the site and whether you elect to give us information about yourself by placing an order online.


Your personal information will also be used to:


• To assist BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC in the production of print media. This may include, but is not limited to data processing, graphic design, typesetting and printing.

• To enable BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC to contact you with promotional offers which may be of interest. BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC may also use the information to notify you of site updates.

• To assist BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC’s internal accounts management, planning, research and development.

• To enable BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC to arrange third party services (eg. Freight) in order for us to complete the transaction and send you the products you have requested.

In this case BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC will only disclose the information needed to complete your transaction. BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC does not sell, rent or trade user information to other companies.




“Cookies” are small data files that are sent from the site to your browser and are stored on your hard drive, keeping track of your general activity on the site. When you make subsequent visits to the site, your cookie gives us a summary of your preferences and past experiences on the site. This allows us to tailor certain aspects of our site services to your needs.

Your cookie may be altered at different times throughout your visits to the site, and it is updated frequently as you use various different functionalities. Every time you enter in online, our server may deliver certain customized information based on the information stored in your cookie.


We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our behalf. These companies may use a cookie or an action tag, also known as a Web Beacon or a 1 pixel .gif file, to track your response to their advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of their advertising or to award incentives or points to their members who respond to their advertisements. BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC has no access to or control over cookies or action tags used by these third party companies. BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC does not receive any personally identifiable information collected by these advertisers using action tags or cookies nor does BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC disclose any of your personal Information such as your name, telephone number or address with these companies except in accordance with this BRD Printing and Solutions, LLC Privacy Policy. Members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) permit you to limit targeted advertising from them by using an opt-out tool available on the NAI website at